My sweet celiac and youngest, Izzy

Friday, May 18, 2012

My crazy, crazy life....

It has felt like a century since I last posted!  I cannot believe how quickly this entire year is flying by and how grown all my sweet angels are getting. Life has truly been so hectic since our mild winter entered into an early spring and an earlier summer here in NWA.  We have been back and forth sick, visited Tulsa and Oklahoma City and I'm now prepping to meet my baby sister (26) in Chicago for my first ever girls trip and house hunting trip for her (she was recently accepted for her PhD at NorthWestern).  As soon as I'm back, the house is being painted; my sweet sister, Justine and family are coming for their amazing move to a MUCH closer place (OKC). Then they close on their house, followed by me and 3 kids heading to help the transition/move and Jason and Shelby heading to Kansas City the same week for Gymnastics camp. All this fun and excitement brings me much joy and happiness for I know that I will completely miss this in a few years once my beautiful older girls head off for college ( 2 and 3 years away) and then as my sweet babies (not babies anymore at 3 and 4) grow into the amazing children, teens and adults I know they will.  BUT with all that said, I have totally neglected this blog and it's purpose.  I have talked with many people on FB and via email who have had questions and need help and then....there was Pinterest....OH MY GOODNESS!  What a fabulous site with amazing recipes that people pull together.  Some work fantasically, some are ok but I have been able to convert so many new recipes to GF as well as DF and ALWAYS PF it has just been amazing.  I have a treasure trove of recipes to share and some new things to talk about as well: like"What's a safe suncreen to use;? How do you know sunscreen, lotions, make up, self tanners, vitamins and other things are safe?; What is Ataxia? ; Celiacs and Diabetes AND How to entertain GF , as well as how to organize your "month at a glance" menu planning like the pros yet GF."  So, trust that I have not abandoned you....just taken some well needed time off for some super important times in my life with family and kids. 

Yesterday was the last day of preschool for the regular school year and today is the last day for both teens.  I am super excited about sharing some great summer recipes and safe tips for traveling.  If you guys need any help reorganizing a pantry, starting the GF diet or converting recipes, shoot me an email or comment on my post. I will be updating some things on my blog and some new pics and sharing in the coming weeks but will always answer questions or things you'd like to hear about, so drop me a line anytime!