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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Product Praise #1

I'd like to start a Product Praise portion of my blog to help you guys love some wonderful companies making amazing allergy friendly but specifically gfree products that help us and are good for us.  So I want to hear from you!  What is your favorite Gfree product that you CANNOT live without? 

Today's products are all about hair care, body wash and make up:

Izzy has always had issues with soaps and laundry deteregents and anything coming in contact with her skin that is perfumy or unnatural.  In the last year she started having major issues with her scalp and eczema.  It was severe and she itched ALL the time.  As I started to do research on this I learned that it was likely her shampoo and conditioner but even more so her detangler.  Almost every detangler on the planet has a gluten ingredient in it. Not sure why but it must have something to do with the way it works.  If you've seen Izzy's pictures you know she has VERY curly hair and a detangler and good conditioner is a must.  There are several grocery store brands like Suave, Dove and Garnier Fruictis who are supposedly Gfree but as we tried some of these they had either perfume that irritated or something in them that just did not work.  I called my amazing hair stylist who started researching, I called one of my BFF and celiac friends who has issues with relaxers that are not Gfree, Henrietta, and I then started searching myself.  Henrietta found my answer.  Jennifer Esposito wrote a blog about a shampoo and conditioner line that was not only gfree, paraben free, cruelty free, sulfate free but also was color safe (not that Izzy needs that now but maybe someday) and has no synthetic fragrance.  BINGO!!!! DING< DING< DING, we have a winner! They have shampoo, conditioner and DETANGLER.  The winnnig award for this amazing product of praise is ACURE. You can buy it at Whole Foods, Amazon and several natural food stores. It is pricier than the Dove, etc. brand but it is worth every cent in my book.  We've been using it for 6 months and it has been the very best thing for her.  It smells good and has Keratin, Moroccon Argan oil and stem cells as well as CoQ10 + Omega 7.  AMAZING.

As for body wash and lotion, since she is still little, not sure it will matter to those of you older than she is... but we are using an amazing body wash called CACOON BABY.  Also Gfree, paraben free, sulfate free. It is so mild and helps skin conditions like eczema with it's natural oils.  Her skin immediately cleared up and has stayed clear even through the winter months which is pretty awesome now that we live in a climate that it is dry. 

The last and final thing to talk about is make up. Although we have not yet crossed that bridge with Izzy, I would like to promote another company that has some amazing products as well. Red Apple Lipstick out of Houston has a wide range of natural make up that is in a dedicated gfree facility.  They are gfree, paraben free, cruetly free and vegan. They are mineral based with a wide range of colors. I have enjoyed sampling some of the things they offer and I know Izzy will be a fan far sooner than I'm ready for her to be:)...

SO, I want you guys to tell me ALL about your favorite gfree product that you can't live without.  I will try the product and review it and you will be entered into a GFREE giveaway.  More details to follow!

The great thing about dreaming is it's always allergy friendly;)

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