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Monday, January 14, 2013

Update on Lana

Lana had her 2 year biopsy this passed Friday.  Although we were nervous about some new testing they were doing, it ended up being more than fine.  She achieved her lowest rejection level ever! Her beautiful gift and miracle continues to shine bright and work hard.  We were at Arkansas Children's for about 12 hours but she did amazing and we were released and spent another night with amazing friends.  As I walked out of the outpatient surgery room and into the waiting room I noticed right away a family with three fantastic looking boys about Noah's age.  I had to plug my phone in and as I sat down near them to use the wall plug one of the twins came to sit with me and started talking.  They were adopted and this sweet boy in particular was absolutely involved and interested in architecture and was thumbing through a log cabin magazine.  For several hours that family took my mind off of my nerves and put a big smile on my face.   I have spent a large majority of my adult life in hospital waiting rooms: worrying, listening to other's stories, reading magazines, texting, checking my phone, worrying some more. I've never had a distraction quite like this and it was a welcomed one.  I learned all about this family and their journey that was somewhat similar to ours.  They left Chicago for Arkansas for a job with two teenage children.  Their journey though was not about a job, it was about finding three more members of their family.  The twin boys joined them when they were 3 and then a couple of years later they adopted  their two year older, autistic brother. These boys had a light in their eyes you can't explain.  I was happy to sit with them and hear their story and listen to Trent, who was in love with Marvel comics and Trey, who told me all there was to know about architecture and ceiling fans and asked me more times than I can count how many bedrooms and bathrooms our house had and how many ceiling fans we have and which rooms were they in:).  They were just amazing.

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