My sweet celiac and youngest, Izzy

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well, this is the first mommy4livingwithout blog so I'll update on who I am and why I'm blogging.  I am a 36 year old mom of 4 from Jacksonville, FL that after 34 years of living in Florida moved to Northwest Arkansas.  I traded the beach for mountains and this will be our second year here.  I have a 15 year old daughter who underwent a heart transplant on January 25th, 2011, a 14 year old daughter who is a competitive gymnast, a 3 year old boy we adopted through the state of FL who is Haitian, and lastly our 2 year old daughter who we also adopted through the state of Florida who was born positive for cocaine and has been diagnosed with celiac's disease. 

This is our journey, it's complicated and hilarious at times and there are days I am wondering how the heck I make it through the day.  But there is mothering advice, food allergy advice, natural parenting and bonding advice, adoption and just culinary journies that equal some amazing thing from organ donation and recipiants to dealing with how to get your child into preschool with celiac's disease when everyone looks at you like a two headed monster....

In a nutshell this is MY life...


  1. Great stuff so far, Jenn. I'm honored to be your first comment. I wish you well on the literary odyssey you are about to begin...

  2. I knew it :) It's an absolutely amazing start Jenn!! I'm ready for the next blog already! You are such an incredible mother, friend, and woman, and you amaze me daily with your love, strength, and humor!! You have such a very special story to tell and I will be glued to every word you write! You truly are one special lady and I admire you and your family more than words can say! You are the best and I'm so very blessed to be able to call you my friend! Love you my beautiful friend and can't wait to follow you through your journey!

  3. Love it! I have a good friend with celiac. She has some really great recipes. I will get them and share with you. Really though I have found gluten free is very easy as long as you stay away from processed box foods and stick with whole food instead. And that is so much better for you anyway!

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