My sweet celiac and youngest, Izzy

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The two headed monster...

Yesterday......isn't there a song that starts off like that? OH WAIT....Isabelle has been running around the house singing "Tomorrow" from Annie for the last two months.:)  Well yesterday started with a bang.  One of those teen moments started my day off when my 14 yr old, Shelby, decided it was my fault she couldn't find her ipod touch that she had ever so cleverly left on the desk in the kitchen and now wasn't there and then got another attitude in the car on the way to school.  She went off to school with me yelling at her, which I try to never do first thing in the morning as it makes everyone start their day badly and in a bad mood for sure - but there it was....I did it.  Left the Jr. High to head over to interview and tour a preschool....yes, this is the hilarious part of my life....I have one daughter in high school, one in Jr. high, one in a mother's day out program and one in Gymboree mommy and me....HAHAHA, how did I get here?:)  Anyway, I was interviewing a preschool for my son, who is 3.  I loved what they said, the curriculum but something wasn't right.  I couldn't put my finger on it...the lady touring me around the school seemed "creepy"?  Then I inquired if they had a 2 day a week program for Isabelle or something equivalent to the mother's day out program Noah is in.....oh yes, of course they do...great price, great school, great environment....I could go on for days....then I say, she has celiac's disease.  You could almost hear the brakes screeching inside her head, her face contorded into some weird slanted shape and she looked at me as if I was a two-headed monster.  Celia-what?  It's a gluten allergy and I'm happy to provide snacks for her but it's a pretty big deal...alot like a peanut allergy.  "Well we can't guarantee she won't come in contact with wheat while she is here".

I heard the words spiraling in my head of other articles I had read and mother's complaints about starting preschool/school, even playdates with their celiac child but I kept thinking - that would never happen here.  Why not?  Bentonville is like any other town in America.  Well, actually it's not.  We have only Walmart grocery stores and a couple of mom and pop places and one Natural Food store that I rely on for G-Free foods for her.  I have even found that I can order alot of her specialty food products online.  Still, I thought, she isn't a special needs child.  She has a FOOD allergy.  I left the preschool disheartened.  I know it's not a big deal for her to go to preschool, I guess I was having the "Big Picture" thought.  Is THIS really how it's going to be from here on out?  Will I always end up fighting for her right to be in a regular school environment because of a food allergy?  What's a momma to do?

Have a meltdown:).....Quite honestly I spent the rest of the day calling other preschools and checking out other programs only to get the same response....SO, I did what every other normal mother does when she thinks her child is getting the short end of the stick - meltdown.  Then, I picked myself up and dusted myself off and did the next thing mother's do on a stressful weeknight that they just can't bare to be in the kitchen - order take out.  Not even thinking, I ordered PIZZA....really? Are the days of just ordering an easy, quick take out meal over? 

Doorbell rings, kids all run to the door, pizza man hands the pizzas to my 15 yr old, Lana, and Izzy turns around and said "OH Pizza! Wana (ie. Lana) is it Gwuten fwee (gluten free)?  Insert sigh and pouty lip from Izzy and momma.  "Hang on Izzy, I'll make you a tostada".  And, I cook anyway..LOL. Just sorta how the whole day went.  Nothing major, I mean - who the heck cares if she gets into preschool for God's sake - she'll live!  I think it was a big part, just having made it home from a 3 month stay in Little Rock and dealing with Lana's heart transplant, being locked up in a 2 bedroom apartment and then less than a week of getting back into the normal routine and life.  I was in sensory overload.  Overwhelmed with the day to day and what the future holds. 

For those of you that saw, witnessed or heard the meltdown...I am sooooo sorry:)

I am so happy to report that today was a MUCH better day.  I woke up to my sister sending another blog that had a great link I like to go to for advice and recipes called The Gluten Free Girl and The Chef.  Treated myself to a much needed mani/pedi and catching up with a friend and tonight's menu???

Self created: Pork or Turkey Tenderloin Stir-fry with G-Free Brownies for dessert
Recipe is as follows:
2 TBSP grape seed oil
1 pork or turkey tenderloin (no marrinades or breading unless you've checked the label), sliced into stir-fry sized strips
1 bag favorite frozen stir-fry vegetables
1/2 to 1 C gluten free stir-fry sauce (I prefer the San-J G free sauces)
Optional side - mix of Jasmine and long grain rice or (out favorite) stir-fry rice noodles

1st step - Pour momma a beverage (ie. wine/beer/whatever your poison) then begin the rest:
Salt and Pepper the meat and put grape seed oil (or other high heat oil) in the bottom of the WOK and heat on medium heat, add meat to oil and brown slightly.  Boil water for rice noodles or follow directions for rice.  Add frozen vegetables and turn heat down to medium and cover.  Once vegetables and meat are cooked through (about 5 min) add the rice or rice noodles to the WOK so as in italian dishes it will have time to arbsorb some of the stir-fry sauce. 

While things are browning in the WOK, take a package of Pamela's G-free brownies and follow directions for the butter recipe unless you are also dairy intolerant.

ALL this took 18 minutes to make!  Seriously?  Couldn't have ordered and got the pizza that fast!


  1. OH, and use paper plates tonight so it really feels like "take out":)

  2. Sweetie......with all that you have to do and deal with, you absoluetly have the right to a meltdown every now and then!! I don't know about you, but I usually feel so much better after a good cry and whacky meltdown!! It doesn't happen often but sometimes we hold so much in until we just can't take it anymore! We just have to let it out however that may be! And you my friend, have shown so much strength, love, and comfort to everyone who has needed it lately so, your meltdown was completely understandable!! I love you sweetie and I think you are the most amazing woman and mother I know! You so ROCK!!