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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gluten Free Halloween Birthday party

This week is a busy one.  I am busy planning and executing all things "Operation Halloween Birthday Bash" which has morphed so many times, I'm not sure what will come next.  I know one thing is for sure, I'm ready for Saturday to be here ASAP;)  The weather here is frightful and cool misty kinda that made me super productive today in my party planning.

Menu for the party is as follows:
Meat and cheese tray (Boar's Head so it's all Gfree!)
Veggie Tray
Shrimp Cocktail
Hummus and Salsa Tray with Gfree pita chips sprinkled with olive oil, salt, pepper and parmesan
Oven roasted Chicken bites and homemade turkey sausage meatballs with Gfree BBQ sauce, Gfree Thai Peanut Sauce, Gfree Terryaki sauce and Gfree Polynesian dipping sauce
Snickerdoodle Chex mix
Gfree Cheese Balls
Gfree red velvet cupcakes make to look like blood shot eyes and Pumpkin Spice Gfree cupcakes

Fun and not too spooky with the exception of the head of cauliflower sitting in red dyed pickling liquid to look like a brain and other apothacary jars filled with different Haloween candies and a tombstone filled with Gfree scary lollipops...spooky spiderwebs and a spooky punch!

Strawberry Fanta or other red colored soda
1 Large can Pineapple juice
and one hand mold filled with ice frozen gummy worms
scoops of different favored sorbet with a melon baller

Potato sack race
3 legged race
apple bobbing
Who can wrap the mummy

Kids will also have water, juice boxes and capri suns and apple cider
Adults will have the option of (sorry guys, haven't found a gfree beer I like yet) beer, pumpkin ale, hard cider, red/white and Hallowine
and perhaps an additive to the apple cider the kids will enjoy;)

This will be ONE FUN PARTY for sure!!!

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