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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's October already?

OK, first of all, let me start this post with the entire month of September, I was determined, was trying to kill me.  There was the Harvest Full Moon and the Autumn Equinox...and those of you non-believers that this truly matters or takes a part in the earth's sanity, go work in a hospital around the full moon and tell me you still don't believe.  Anyway, all of last week was just plain and utter insanity, if I touched it, it went caput; if I looked at it, it was weird and the kids moods were CRAZY and all I could think of was PLEASE let October start!  Friday, the last day of the month,  was just trying to stretch me to the limit...Thursday, however,  started with me trying to take the kids to school and the car wouldn't start, this mind you is after we had it's major service done AND replaced the fuel pump and the battery, all in September....see what I mean?  ANYWAY, you know your car not starting can't happen at a convenient, it was as I was in a mass rush to get all 4 kids to school, running late as usual in the mornings and needing to be in 2 places at once WITH a working car!  I yell, "Everyone grab a baby" and both teenagers jumped into action as I yanked the car seats from one car and trasferred them to the much smaller but worked for an emergency car and off we headed...speeding down the road to make up time and hopefully not get a ticket.  All went fine and everyone got to school in time and I came back to relax for a few minutes before heading to my hair appointment.  I so look forward to my hair appointment days with my guy BFF, Brian, doing his amazing job and working magic on my crazy frizzy and VERY grey hair and catching up with all that's gone on since we've talked, texted or seen each other.  SO, after a crazy start to my day, I was feeling good and ready to tackle the rest of the day uneverntfully.....that's when it happened.....I let the dog out of the kennel to let her go outside and hang with me til time to leave and as she rambled relentlessly down the back staircase, she caught me just was in slow motion and I knew it was happening before I could react....high heels, great jeans and me....started to tumble down the back steep staircase.  Over and over I tried to grab the hand rail to stop myself but to no avail.  Finally, right before I hit bottom, I caught myself.  It was one of those moments when you stop, stand up straight and check to see if anyone was looking then burst into laughter at the scene that just unfolded.  Crying wouldn't have helped so you might as well laugh!  OMG, I still cannot believe that happened.  The rest of the day, thankfully was uneventful but that was where I literally said..September is trying to take me out like the mob!  Friday started off somewhat similar to Thursday, still in the "emergency car" trying yet again to get the kids loaded to drop the teens at school, I was dressing to leave when I came out of my room and asked where Isabelle was.  Blank stare from Shelby insued and I heard a tiny little voice upstairs.....I yelled, "Izzy it's time to go, get downstairs" Shelby headed out the door while I tried to figure out where exactly Izzy was.  Next thing I know, Shelby has left the door open and Isabelle has let Brandy out of her kennel and now the dog is running loose out in the front of the house, Izzy is screaming bloody murder that the dog is running away, I'm yelling at shelby for leaving the door open, Lana is putting her things and Noah in the car......OMG, really?  AGAIN?  Thank you Jesus, Brandy came right back looking for a treat I was yelling to her that I had, got her locked back up and out the door we flew yet again.

You guys thought this was going to be one of those great blogs with a recipe didn't you?  HAHAHA, well living with 4 kids and a husband that travels extensively....this one is NOT the happy go lucky blog I usually write;)...Thought you might like a glimpse into a day or two with me.  Back to the story - the rest of the day was ok, cleaning, laundry, the usual.  I already knew the afternoon would be insane so I was preparing myself for this.  I do carpool pick up in the afternoon so that Shelby can get a ride home from the gym when the babies are usually either headed to bed or sleeping.  So, first stop was picking up Kenzie from Jr. High, which I forgot about in my crazy afternoon schedule.  I run out the door in a panic that poor, sweet Kenzie is waiting on me and all in all, was not that late, grab her, get the other three teens and drop three girls at the gym while Lana and I head home to pack her for her first retreat since her transplant, actually her first night away from home since her transplant and it was going to be almost all weekend long.  I thought, when I hugged Isabelle in transition she felt warm to me.  We get Lana packed and ready to go, head to the store for the items she needs food wise to bring to the retreat and a birthday present for her BFF, some pedialyte pops and Tylenol just in case.  Get her to the church and head home to a very feverish little girl.  103 to be exact.  So, Motrin starts off the night, a little dinner and Jason and Shelby head to the movies, Isabelle and Noah head to bed.  About 11 I noticed Izzy was burning up with fever.  Searching my mom mental place cards, I stripped her and tried to get her cooler.  A phone call to my mother and then a few minutes later to my mother-in-law to make sure I wasn't overreacting, I called to say the movie was over...probably 15 minutes from the actual ending it was time to take miss thing to the ER.  Had her redressed and in the car by the time the car pulled in and adreneline rushing, ready to go.  By this point her fever was 105.2.  In a panic, Shelby decided she was going with me and we rushed to the ER.  There was no one there to my ultimate satisfaction and we were seen immediately.  Triage doubted her fever was truly 105 after their first initial reading until we got into the room and even stripped naked again, she started spiking a fever with rosy red cheeks that scared everyone.  Doc came in, checked ears, nose and throat and there was one pink ear, one pink tonsil and alot of uncertainty.  Doc looked at me and said you know if we do a strep test it would be negative but because of Lana we are going to treat with a broad spectrum antibiotic to make sure we get whatever this is.  I said - GO...not my usual response to antibiotics but we just didn't have a choice with Lana.  I couldn't afford for us to wait and it get bad with Izzy or possibly pass to the other kids and then passing to her when she got home.  Strep for Lana is a totally different ballgame.  With Izzy's allergies they made us wait 15 minutes post shot to check for reaction, then they come in to check her temp and it's gone up even more...another 30 minutes later and she was 2 degrees cooler.  By 2 am we were home, no fever and a hungry teen and baby...scrambled eggs and another 30 minutes and we were finally in bed.  THAT is how I welcomed in my favorite month of the day, lovely Oct had started and not a sign of fever, illness, craziness or any obstacle in my way.  Even spent Sunday's cool weather stuffing scarecrows!

Thank you Jesus for bringing in October just when you did;)!!

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