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Monday, November 7, 2011

Frosted pumpkin cookies

A sweet friend posted a recipe that was easy and sounded so good on Facebook. I was dying to try to make them GF and DF and see how they'd turn my surprise, first time worked and a certain little 3 year old I know couldn't stop eating them!!!! So I thought I'd share with all of you!!!
1c sugar
1 egg
1c butter or shortening (my friend likes the butter taste better so I subbed butter for the earth balance buttery spread sticks but spectrum also makes an organic non hydrogenated certified GF and DF shortening)
1tsp GF Vanilla
2 cups GF flour blend, this time I used c4c blend from Williams Sonoma to see how it would work
1 tsp each of baking soda, banking powder, salt and cinnamon
1c pumpkin purée
1/2c raisins (optional and I did not add but I think you could also use Craisins as well)
1/2 walnuts (optional)

coconut milk or milk substitute of choice and powdered sugar mixed to desired thickness

Preheat oven to 350 and grease or line cookie sheets

In bowl of stand mixer with paddle attachment cream together sugar, egg, butter and vanilla

Sift dry ingredients together and slowly add into creamed mixture

Stir in pumpkin, raisins and walnuts (if using)

Drop dough by teaspoonful onto prepared cookie sheet

Bake 10-15 minutes

Let cool a few minutes and then transfer to wire rack and cool completely

Once cool, frost. Easiest way is slide some wax paper under the wire rack and drizzle frosti g over the top of each cookie

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