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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Traveling and party tips to stay G-Free

Traveling during the holidays can be anxious and nail biting when you have food allergies or when you have to go a good distance and are unsure of where you are going to end up.  Schar and one of my favorite people "The Celiac Diva" have some amazing tips on traveling during the this video:

#1 Tip to parties, holiday or not...try to eat before you go.  Filling up on gluten free things that are healthy will make you less likely to cheat and be sick at a party

#2 Pack a snack, most hosts would not be offended at all knowing you have a  food allergy or special diet restriction and bring your own snack so you aren't sick or starving

#3 Call ahead to the restaurant or paryt host and discuss that you have a food allergy
, see if you can get a special meal or snacks.  Many vegetarians deal with this issue alot and you'd be surprised how accomodating restaurants will be - there is ususally not any issue asking what's being served

#4 Offer to bring a dish - this is your chance to inform people and help teach them about what a gluten free lifestyle is and means to you (or other food allergen) is not all cardboard and non flavored

#5 Dont be upset if the host forgets but be cautious about the choices you make- before I had any of my children dealing with food allergies, one of my daughters best friends developed a nut allergy  and I was careful in the everyday types of foods when she came over.  Then at a party I almost served her a peice of cake that had hazlenut cream filling.  Mortified I was that I could have forgotten that, mortified was she and I'm not sure she ever ate anything in my house again.  When food allergies are not common to the host, or they are new at it and trying to accomodate the allergen as well as the allergy free.....slips ups can happen by accident.  Just be wise and double check things before you eat.  Now all of my parties I serve amazing food that is gluten free, usually dairy free and nut free but I deal with it on an everyday basis.  I'm used to it.  When we go to a party that my 3 year old is invited to, I bring her food as I don't expect the host to have to deal with it. 

Just remember cheating usually sets you back and makes you feel bad and miserable.  It's not worth being sick over.  You can have a safe and healthy holiday even at someone else's party. Don't let this keep you from going or set you back and make  you sick.  Holidays are about love, family and friends.....keep it like that!

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